hey everyone,

so if y'all want to follow us there, i might be updating that a bit more frequently.


so we haven't been updating this blog... at all. we've played some shows since the last update, gone on vacation to d.c., and a whole bunch of other stuff. we both start school on monday, but we'll still be working hard!

on august 25th we're playing with a whole bunch of local bands, and i think it's also an art show (???)

we'll be playing with






it'll be at the mockbee on central parkway, and the suggested donation is $3. (faceboooook)

i also started playing bass for brad's noisy hardcore band, pillowbiter, and we'll be opening for shearing pinx the night before (august 24th). and we're opening for SHOPPERS in september (HOLY SHIT) so if there isn't a pillowbiter blog yet i'll post things about that on here.

so, we're working on new material, maybe a new release, tape label, etc etc etc so watch out for any of that.



"Over the past decades, the nation of Japan has produced innumerable artists who have pushed the boundaries of experimental music and performance (among other fields of expression). In appreciation of these contributions, and as an aid to Japan in its time of need following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th and the ensuing nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the Cincinnati based non-profit organization Art Damage, Inc. is throwing a tribute and benefit for the people Japan on June 11 at the Mockbee on Central Parkway. Over a dozen local and regional artists will perform covers of Japanese artists of their choice, including...

Uncle Dave Lewis... Yoko Ono

Tim Schwallie... Keiji Haino

Hearts of Palm... Phew

Astral Heathens and the Arsenal Test... Taj Mahal Travelers

Robert Inhuman... M1DY

Pink Film... Hanatarash

Junk Thought... Pizzicato 5

Neato Torpado... Ghost

Iovae... Aube

Orgasm Response Unit... Incapacitants

Pusdrainer/Moloney... Gerogerigegege

& more tba!

8pm * $5

The Mockbee
2260 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45214



hi hi hi

so, one of my dearest friends, olivia, came to visit earlier this week and we traded her a seppuku cassette for an issue of her comic, tiny bangs.

it's really incredible, and if you're local there are copies available at shake it records and static age, so pick one up if you can!

in more band-related news, we've been working hard on some new material, and we're also getting ready to start a tape label with our good friend chris adams, who recorded and mastered the seppuku cassette, and who also plays in palindrones with us.

the show we're playing with ga'an and birth! is fast approaching, hopefully you'll be hearing some of the new stuff then!

p.s. the show will be on may 29th at the mockbee (2260 central pkwy), $5, all ages, 9pm.
p.p.s. at midnight it will be my birthday so come hang out!


New Projects

Emilie and Myself have a lot of new projects we're both very excited about and looking forward to sharing.

As a preview, here is a track from PillowBiter. The band is myself and my friend Chris Campbell (Wasteland Jazz Ensemble, No Reagan)

Big update soon


As the previous post already said we do have a show soon that came up a bit last minute.
It's at the Mockbee, 9pm, March 23, All Ages, $5, and there's a bar if you have an ID
We will be sharing the bill with:
Toby Aronson, the fellow responsible for NNA tapes. NNA tapes releases music by groups such as Dog Lady, Three Legged Race, Calobodies, Mike Shiflet and many more, but you already knew that.

Hubble, Guitarist Ben Greenberg of Zs(!) and Pygmy Shrews(!!)

Toothache, who is just great.

And DJ Sissy Natti, who is just Chris who plays guitar in Palindrones and rubs contact mics on stuff in a bunch of other things. He'll be playing music on his laptop for people to drink and grind on each other to.

May 29th we will be playing with GA'AN (members of Coughs, Fielded)

Last night the other band Emilie and Myself are in, Palindrones, played the White Walls 7inch release show, along with White Guilt, Silo and of course White Walls.
Jon Lorenz, being the cool guy he is, recorded most of the sets,
White Walls
White Guilt

On a slightly more serious note, I just want to say that it was an honor playing with some of the bands we have over the past few months. Wasteland Jazz Unit, Uncle Dave Lewis and IOVAE are great and have done a lot for this city's experimental music outside of just playing music, showing videos, being weird, etc.
Also The Daily Life Necessary & Pathetic lp on load records is great and I can't reccomend it or catching them live highly enough. Opening for them was great. AV was also great, I also really appreciate her work in Junk Thought and Stripe Light.
Their sets that night, also courtesy of Jon Lorenz
Daily Life

Emilie and I are hard at work on new Pink Film music and Palindrones has some new stuff in the works as well.

Emilie tells me I don't post on here often enough so in an attempt to post more often I'll be going through my collection of random recordings I've been involved with or influenced by over the past 7 years or so, and posting them here.